Five Ways Video Games Can Prepare Kids for Entrepreneurship

Parents need to stop dissuading their kids from playing video games. The mindset is usually that gaming is non-beneficial to their future or is a waste of time. There are didactic games that can be of immense benefit to your kids in terms of building entrepreneurial skills.

You can try “gamified” learning for your kids with games like Minecraft. It can help them develop important skills that are useful to real life situations. You may think they are spending quality time playing games for only entertainment purposes, but they are actually learning on the go. Here are five ways video games can prepare kids for entrepreneurship.


  • Building the Teamwork Spirit


Since playing games like the multiplayer-enabled types involves teamwork, kids will understand what it means to be great team players. By collaborating to complete missions, they are learning to cooperate with others. 


  • Meticulousness


When kids try to unlock the secrets hidden in games, they are learning to be meticulous in performing tasks. The time spent in looking for Easter eggs and other special features will inculcate a kind of patience in doing everything necessary for the achievement of a goal.

Games motivate kids to pay attention to detail, consider all the options available to them, and leave no stone unturned. These approaches are good in writing spectacular business plans like the ones produced by NYC business plan writers for their clients.


  • A Winning Mentality


Video games give children an idea of the rewards of success, and the great feeling that comes with achieving something. Every gamer is enthusiastic about playing and completing a game. Each stage of a game is a new challenge. Such a drive will nurture determined minds that are willing to take on new challenges in real life situations like business operations.

  • Learning from Failure

Some games are programmed to make a player fail some stages repeatedly until they get creative, or get the hang of some strategies and specialized controls. Your kids will see failure as a stepping stone to being successful.


  • “Gamifying” Work Assignments


If you find your job to be fun, then it will be more engaging to you. You can explain to your kids that they can apply their drive for gaming to future jobs or businesses. They can try to master their jobs the way they master all the aspects of a video game. In other words, the energy they put into gameplay can be replicated in running a business.

A didactic video game can instil a learning culture in children. Since some games involve making tactical and strategic moves, kids can apply such experience to understanding market mechanisms, solving corporate problems, and other areas of their future jobs or businesses. Games like Minecraft foster a growth mindset where kids believe in hard work and never giving up.

As games get more sophisticated with technological advancement, the experience will get more immersive, and there will be more learning opportunities to explore. You can encourage your kids to play video games, while supervising their playing time.

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