Best Racing Games For Android

Some of the most popular games that people play today in their mobile is the racing game. It was made to overcome the lack of physical buttons which are not seen in the phone. There are many popular racing games which is played by many. If you are wondering what these games are, keep reading.

Absolute Drift

One of the most newest release which has taken the lead. This is one game which requires you to be very smooth with you gaming abilities. This game features six cars and game modes which you can choose from. There are online leaderboards and bluetooth control support which will make the whole experience an enjoyable one.

Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt 9 is a racing game which was created by GameLoft which is a new addition to the Asphalt franchise. It has some of the best graphics, solid mechanics and a lot of content. There are over 800 events which can be unlocked on a weekly basis. It has a freemium strategy which can be a little bit more aggressive than the normal one.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

This game is very similar to Mario Kart. It is a racer which has many abilities ranging from special to normal giving you an edge in the game. There are around 45 power-ups which can easily be collected in various customization. You can also play this game offline which can allow the game to have few customization.

CSR Racing 2

The CSR racing series is a game which is the most popular racing game out there. This is a drag game which requires you to buy cars and try to race against all the people and try to win. The graphics are good and also they have a pretty good collection of cars.

Dirt Trackin

This is a retro game which have some of the best graphics, controls and other elements which can be strongly influenced by the racing games in the past titles. You can even have the right controls on-screen which you choose from steering to tilting. You can also do the 100 laps which you can get in-app purchases.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing is another drag game which is much like CSR and has some good competitors as well. The graphics are not the best but the mechanics make up for that part. You can easily tune your car anywhere you want. This is one of the best game especially when you are playing it in multiplayer mode along with a ton of cars unlocked. This is one of the old games in the list but with the frequent updates. It is the best racing games out there which you can download from Google Play.

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